Split System Commercial & Residential Air-Conditioning

There are many reasons to choose a split system design for your air conditioning needs. Capable of providing air conditioning to a single room or to multiple rooms all at once, there are numerous different styles that your Multi-Cool Design Team can provide you with so that you get exactly what you need out of your air conditioning unit, all through the convenience of a single outdoor unit. Whether you are looking for an air conditioning solution for a residential space or for a commercial facility, such as an office, there is likely to be a split system design option that is perfect for your needs.

Among the benefits of a split system air conditioning installation is the fact that these systems are available in reverse cycle or cooling only option. That allows you to choose from inverter models, which ultimately leads to lower energy costs and less energy consumption through the use of the unit in addition to less external noise.

When you choose to have your split system air conditioning installation performed by Multi-Cool, you are receiving the benefits of working with preferred Dealers & Service Agents for Daikin Australia and LG Electronics, which are considered among industry professionals to be amongst the best when it comes to efficiency. We will work with you to choose the products that will perform best in your home, office, or other commercial space and that will provide you with the style and functionality that you need for a comfortable interior.

We pride ourselves on offering the most options possible for our clients when it comes to our product line. In addition to our vast catalogue of types of air conditioning systems and products, we offer a number of split system models to suit the needs of any customer, no matter what type of air conditioning project they have at hand. Among the options that you can choose from when you consult our product line and speak with the Multi-Cool Design Team to discuss your options are single and multiple wall-mounted models, compact floor models, and versatile under-ceiling models. There are benefits to each, and with expert help you can easily find the one that is best for your air conditioning needs.

Contact us to learn more about our split system air conditioning products or to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with our design team. We are waiting to help keep you cool!